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    Purple Ocean is one of many chat-based online Psychic websites, which offers a host of services and interactions with different experts in their particular fields. Whether you are a fan of Astrology, Horoscopes or Love Readings, or are just keen to get more information on the entire notion of Psychics, these websites are a great place to start. Some are better than others, but in this review, I will look in detail at the website and service and make a fair judgement on whether it helps prove that Psychics have validity. Visit Site

    What is Purple Ocean?

    Purple Ocean is a Psychic website that is linked with one with a very similar name and logo, Purple Garden. They also have an app, which is where most of the information lies. The website is mainly driven towards that and a lot of it is focussed on the readers themselves, who, like with the other Psychic websites, are itemised and rated with a star system. They are al priced per minute. Purple Ocean covers most of the common forms of Psychic Reading, including Love and Relationships, Career Forecasts, Dream Analysis and Tarot.


    • Social media presence, with an app
    • Variety in types of Reading
    • Plenty of Readers that are itemised and rated on the website
    • Their profiles mean it is easy not to be conned or scammed - once you agree to meet a reader, you will know exactly what you’re getting


    • Restricted text access
    • No free trial/offers for new customers - it’ll cost you to try it
    • Must access a different website for live chat

    Purple Ocean Available Readings

    Love and Relationship ReadingsConnecting you with your soulmate or helping you decipher whether marriage or divorce may be a good idea.
    Tarot ReadingsFinding out information from your past, present and future with the use of cards and the images that can be seen on them
    Career ForecastsHelping you see whether you should make a particular career move or whether a promotion could be in order.
    Dream AnalysisMany Psychics believe dreams are your subconscious attempting to communicate with you. Readers help you decipher what they mean
    Spiritual ReadingsRather than Psychic Readings, which predict the future, these give clear guidance to help make decisions
    AstrologyThe notion of telling your future and certain personality traits depending on what your Zodiac sign is. Usually through Horoscopes.

    Purple Ocean Available Readings

    In my experience, it is easy to find plenty of Psychic websites that offer very similar Readings in similar ways. The way to tell them apart lies in the quality of the readers rather than the website itself, and how professionally it is laid out. It hasn’t been the strong point of many websites that I have seen; to look professional, which I do think is a bit of an issue when it comes to convincing people of the validity of Psychics. But the bases are all covered with Purple Ocean, with the most popular Reading, Love and Relationships, featuring rather heavily as many of those offering the service’s speciality.

    Perhaps this is because everyone feels love and takes it into their relationships, regardless of whether they are a Psychic believer or not. Whether you find what the reader tells you will happen to be correct or not, it is always reassuring to have someone supportive to talk things over with. The same can be said for Career Forecasts; the reader may tell you that external forces are responsible for the path your life is taking both in a personal or professional sense, but what they say could be helpful anyway.

    Dream analysis can change your life, especially if they are bad dreams relating to a serious condition like post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychic Readers are not doctors and they don’t pretend to be, but if you are struggling to sleep because of a certain nightmare, they can help you decipher what your dreams are telling you, which could help with any future diagnosis. Tarot readings may receive a lot of ridicule and criticism from non believers, but they are also very prominent with Purple Ocean and a great way to lay your future bare for your own choices. Tarot is not to be confused with Cartomancy, which many believe is too clear cut and does not allow freedom after the Reading is given. In a similar way, Spiritual Readings differ from Psychic Readings because they offer guidance as opposed to predictions, which some people don’t necessarily find helpful or enjoy.

    What did I think of Purple Ocean?

    I have found that a lot of these websites have similar pitfalls and strong points, though they also have their individual strengths, too. The use of the app is crucial for Purple Ocean, for example, because it means that it is easier to access on the go through people’s phones, which shows they understand how society consumes things on the internet every day. Their service is incredibly detailed, with well respected Readers for every one of their different options.

    In terms of negatives, I have found it tough to deal with their restricted texting access, with the website preferring you to call your reader. This is counterintuitive because it suddenly restricts access in other areas when they have tried so hard to improve it. I also had issues with the live chat, which wasn’t available 24/7. Other websites also give more information about their background, such as how they were formed, how they grew and developed and more. But because everything is geared towards the app, there website is left rather bare, which could certainly be looked at.

    Overall I find this website to be a little frustrating to use, but if you are keen to get to know different corners of the Psychic community, it is definitely worth persevering with. The service from their individual, highly regarded and itemised  readers is fantastic.