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Reading palms requires an understanding of the palm, a little psychic intuition, and understanding of the soul. Palmistry is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years. If you have ever wondered how to read palms or how to find the palm reading lines this guide will help you understand the basics of hand reading.

A learned psychics can see all your decisions and destinations by reading the lines on your palm. The map of your life, your future, and potential can be found through learning how to read the lines on the palms of your hands.Palm reading is not just about finding the lines on your palm and reading them. Psychics can see more through your hand because of innate psychic connections; however, you can still see some of your destiny by learning how to find and read your palm reading lines. All the energy in your life is expressed through your hands; that energy creates folds and small deviations on your life path lines.

Calm Your Mindset and Relax

To accurately read a palm you must look at a hand with a clear and relaxed aura. Stress, anxiety, and anger will cloud your third eye and cause you to misread the palm lines. Before you begin attempting to read the lines of a palm you should bring yourself to a calm meditative state and try and focus on opening your third eye to see beyond the hand and into destiny’s path.

Reading The Palms of Both Hands

In this guide, we will focus on how to read your dominant palm. As you learn more about palm readings and hand readings you can learn to interpret both palms to understand how they can map out potential life courses.

By looking at the left, and the right hand separately, you will get two completely different readings. Your nondominant hand will offer a reading of ‘what could be,’ and the dominant hand is read more about what ‘what will be.’  a psychic will usually ask to see your dominant hand first to see every choice and path represented in your life clearly on your palm.

After interpreting and reading your life through your dominant palm, they will check against possibilities shown on your nondominant hand. The palm readings of your nondominant hand include the more emotional side of you, your relationships (both good and bad), the emotional struggles you have been through and many others.

Cleansing Your Palms

Our hands are essential tools in our life; we use them for everything we do. As such they pick up energy from everywhere. When we are about to read a palm, we should first cleanse the hand of unwanted interference. Washing the palms with pure water and applying an energy cleanser, like lavender or sage smudge, will rid the hands of interference. By reading a hand that has been cleansed, you will see only the path of the individual and not unwanted interference from acquired energy.

Life Line

This is one of the four major lines to look for when learning how to read a palm. As you learn how to read palms, you should start first with the lifeline. The Life Line begins right at the base of your palm, and it will then arc towards the insertion between your thumb meets and your index finger. This line charts your health, energy level, and general path in life.

Each section represents a decade of your life. The last decade being the closest to your wrist. Reading the life line of a palm is a complicated business. Learning how to understand and read the various splits, deviations, and breaks of the life line in a palm takes time and understanding. Here are a few things to look for on the life line when first learning how to read palm lines on hands:

  • The line is close to the thumb - may suggest depression or exhaustion
  • Bowed and Curvy line - energetic and optimistic
  • A Long, deep line - suggest virility and vitality
  • Short and shallow - easily taken advantage
  • Straight - cautious and on guard
  • Circle in the line - upheavals of serious health issues
  • Breaks, lines that backtrack  - sudden changes in your life

Head Line

The second of the four major lines is the head line. This line will start between the indent of your thumb and index finger, and it will end in the center of your hand. This line can tell a palm reader your intelligence, wisdom, and mental fortitude. Deviations and breaks in the headline can indicate communication styles, upheavals in your life that help to gain perspective, as well as, roadblocks in seeking guidance. Here are a few things to look for on the head line when first learning how to read palm lines on hands:

  • Short line - Physical intelligence
  • Curved or sloping line - Creative intelligence
  • Separated from life line - Adventurous and optimistic about life
  • Wavy line - Trouble focusing
  • Deep, long line - Clear and focused
  • Straight line - Realistic
  • Circles or crosses - Emotional or mental crisis
  • Large prominent crosses - Life changing decisions

Heart Line

The heart line is the line is closest to the bottom of your fingers. This line explains the emotional and love of the person. Most people will have a heart line beginning at the base of the index finger and becoming deeper as time progresses in their life. When you are learning how to read the palms of hands, this is an excellent place to start. The point at which the line becomes deep will indicate when the person begins their romantic love journey. Here are a few things to look for on the heart line when first learning how to read palm lines on hands:

  • Deeper line begins on the index finger - your soulmate has always been near
  • Deeper line starts below the middle finger - Love life starts in the 20s or 30s
  • Deep, prominent line - easily falls in love
  • Shallow and short - less interested in romance
  • Touching the life line - heart will be broken
  • swerving or curvy line -emotions and feelings are communicated well
  • Splits tears and fragments - relationships and lovers in life
  • Broken line - emotional trauma

Fate Line

Not everyone has a prominent fate line. Most people have a broken fate lineinterconnected with the other three core lines on the palm. When you are first learning to read palms, the fate line may be the trickiest to interpret. The Fate Line is the one that runs up the center of your palm sometimes parallel with your lifeline. This line is about your life choices, inner battles, and about the path your life will follow.

Of the four main lines of your palm, the fate line is the most important in determining how your life will change or tell perdition of the future. Often it intersects your other lines; this indicates significant  life-altering events. Here are a few things to look for on the fate line when first learning how to read palm lines on hands:

  • Deep line, unbroken - Fate is locked and hard to change
  • Starts joined to life line - Fate is evident at the beginning of life
  • Joins with the life line- signifies a cross in fate between two people
  • Crossing the head line - a moment of choice that may change your fate
  • Splitting of the fate line - a decision that can change your fate
  • Crossing the heart line - The moment you meet your soulmate
  • Multiple Fate lines - undecided fate with many possible outcomes

An M or An X on the Palm

The M on a palm signifies an ability to see beyond the mundane and into the veil. It indicates you are blessed with the third eye and have some psychic ability. When you are first starting to learn how to read palms, you should always check the hand for an M. Connection with another soul who possesses the M will allow you to establish a link and see deeper into their life.

An X on the hand is an indication of the potential to lead. This doesn't mean the wearer of the X will be a good manager; instead, it implies destiny may call them to take on the goal of significant change. When you are learning how to read palms, and you encounter an individual with an X on their hand you should see it as a sign of a possible destiny of great power.

Free Palm Reading

If you are looking to get a free palm reading then these are occasionally available but one must always be wary of services of this nature. Usually a free reading is offered as part of a package deal and can prove financially viable.